Silicon BOD-structures

Monolithic bridge-on-diaphragm microstructures   Abstract Monolithic bridge-on-diaphragm (BOD) microstructures for sensor applications were fabricated by means of laser machining and anisotropic etching techniques. The pressure-frequency-characteristic was measured by acoustical excitation of the microbridge to resonant vibrations and optical detection of the resonance frequency. In the pressure range between 0.8 bar and +1.0 bar the pressure-frequency-characteristic is…

Micro System Technologies 94

  Herbert Reichl & Anton Heuberger (Herausgeber):   Micro System Technologies ’94. 4th International Conference, Berlin 1994   Contribution Monolithic Bridge-on-Diaphragm Microstructures for Sensor-Applications. Authors A. Schumacher, M. Alavi, T. Fabula, B. Schmidt, H.-J. Wagner Laser system setup Simulation results Experimental measurements Further information   Monolithic Bridge-on-Diaphragm Microstructures Monolithic BOD-structure